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Tv Spots




2017 - 2018


Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional


For the 2017-2018 campaign, the production of 9 spots for television was required; as well as the production of OOH materials. We carried out all the pre-production of the project; from scripts to production storyboards.

From the reading of the brief that was provided to us, we developed the narrative premises for each spot; Focusing on the tactical dates provided to us, we created a sequence within the spots in which their protagonists were the unifying elements.

Once the premises were approved, the scripts were drawn up. Despite the fact that each script addressed separate issues (Army Day has nothing to do with Revolution Day); we managed to weave 9 stories that made sense when viewed separately or sequentially.

When all the scripts worked, we started with the visual design which direction should be solid enough to link all the spots, despite the aforementioned differences. Finally, the entire visual language was established for each and every one of the spots; which was useful to show unity between each of the spots, giving way to a comprehensive campaign.

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