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Lulú Cola


BRIEF | To increase its participation in the carbonated beverage market, the Pascual Cooperative decides to launch a new brand of cola. The challenge was great since it had to enter a complex and highly competitive field. As part of the marketing strategy, a safer path was chosen: to protect the new brand with another already built: Lulú, which is already a cult object and a classic in the Mexican market.

Personality and behavior | Therefore, since it is not just a new flavor, a complete brand architecture was developed that allowed us to communicate the values ​​of the new product, but also to take advantage of everything advanced with the Lulu brand. To achieve this, a complete brand strategy was required, so that would give it its own identity and unique personality: Lulú Cola should be similar enough to the current one but different enough to compete outside the existing flavor portfolio. Another important aspect to consider was the fact that it could also compete in the mixer segment.

Concept | The idea focused on communicating contrast and thus exalting the idea of ​​difference. The dichotomy centered on color.
Therefore, a proposal was designed that at first glance showed great differences; using elements that, despite their high contrast, could be complementary, balanced and part of a neutral ecosystem (at first).

Spot vs Video clip | The proposal aimed to break the communication paradigms that traditionally accompany a queue. The normal thing would have been to produce a conventional spot, however, it was decided to make a video clip whose elements were more sophisticated compared to what is generally shown in a mass market. The result was a visually attractive spot with sophisticated codes that created a good bond with our target audience.






Cooperativa Pascual

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