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Qué Parió

Character Design | 2018
Infinity War México | PARODY: Tráiler Avengers |
QueParió! ft. Cid Vela Production | Qué Parió

LOGLINE | The Mexican Avengers face a strange enemy who wants to get the six Mexican gems.

BRIEF | For the production of the video, Qué Parió required multiple characters adapted to the “Mexican style” concept. We would work on the concepts of Thanos and Thor.

To achieve an ad hoc concept, we needed the attributes that some characters in Mexican popular culture have to match the powers or abilities of the originals. We worked on various options until we reached a solution: the mixture of Quetzalcóatl and Tlaloc would result in a parody of the god of thunder and an archetypal Mexican politician, who would embody the evil of Thanos. Under this concept we present the preview of the costumes for both cases that were later used in the production.

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