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Design for entertainment.

We are a studio dedicated to Visual Development for the entertainment and consumer industry: video games, comics, television series, short films, movies, and/or Marketing. We conceptually and visually develop any type of project.

We conceive the entertainment industry in an integral way; and so it is that we get involved throughout the pre-production, production and post-production phases in order to guarantee the most optimal results for each project. ​


For this, we have completely specialized areas in each stage of any production; be it visual, narrative or functional.


We are specialists in Entertainment Design; We can accompany you in the visual development of any project you have in mind, regardless of its size or complexity. We will work together to achieve the best results.

Great ideas for great People.

Our clients: Harley-Davidson, Canam, Le Tour de France, Sea·Doo, Mazda, Zurich, Greenpeace, Volvo, Terminator Salvation, Ubisoft, Cisco, Sedena, Boing, Victoria, Nestlé and many more.


When we get involved in a project, we dive in to fully understand the needs of our clients and thus obtain the best visual proposal. We always integrate our clients in our processes so that they know which resources are available and keep each other in tune. At DARKDUST we strive to generate successful projects, for this we plan first and design later.

Great ideas for great People.

Our services |


Videogames Visual Development
We do Visual Development for videogames; we get involved from the initial sketches to the production of assets for development and production.

Animation Visual Development
We create Concept Art, Keyframes, storyboards and illustrations for the visual development of your animated project. We work from the initial sketches to the production of assets for development and production or specific areas.

Live Action Film & Commercial Pre-Production
We design the entire production of your feature film or short film: Visual direction, Keyframes, Storyboards, etc.

Marketing Visualizations
We make visualizations for product presentations, television commercials, etc.

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