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Shortfilm | 2018
Dark Dust IP

LOG LINE | A mosquito that cannot sleep must overcome the obstacles to achieve it in the face of an eventual and unexpected outcome.

BRIEF | For this project we carry out the complete production; from the narrative premise to post-production (which included music and sound design). After having the finished script, we started in parallel with the design of the character, the settings and the props.

We use a different pipeline: we use traditional animation (pencil and paper -frame by frame-) for the character but mixing it with 2D animation (for which we use Blender -grease pencil-). This allowed us to speed up the clean-up and coloring process. For the design of the scenarios we used 3D Basement, which also optimized time for the design of plans and for their subsequent refining and coloring.

The total production time was 4 months.

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