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LOGLINE | The game takes its premise in the universe of Turok: Son of Stone (Gold Key original comic) and takes place in a different timeline (space age: 1960-1970). It draws inspiration from the best aspects of previous game titles based on the Turok franchise that made them a player choice in the late 90's, providing a fresh look and gameplay by today's PC FPS/action game standards and consoles.

Turok: Resurgence places the player in a series of altered natural locations connected through a nexus/hub: an abandoned scientific outpost created to study the Anomaly that led to a chaotic evolution of different species and creatures. The player has to collect different artifacts to open the way to other areas of the lands infected by the Anomaly. Enemies will attack the player in hordes or small groups, seeking to destroy them, varying from location to location based on their species and archetype. The player starts the game using only a survival knife and a bow. As you progress through the game, different weapons and artifacts will appear to help you defeat the different enemies and obstacles you encounter throughout the adventure.

BRIEF | Given the expiration of usage rights, in the hands of Universal Studios, together with Unity, they launched a call for the reboot of some licenses; among them were: Back to the Future, Jaws and Turok. Dark Dust participated in this call and the license we chose was Turok. The challenge was to design the visual style and gameplay for a new version of the game.


CA | United States




Universal Studios

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